My name is Michael Nagy, and I am a voice over artist, dedicated to VO.

In the spirit of “paying it forward”, these articles are an attempt to ease the way forward for those of you who are just starting out, or even for those more seasoned veterans looking for an alternate way to accomplish something.

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Voice Over Scams are Still Around

Yes, there are people out there trying to dupe you out of your earnings. Some are extremely clever, and will prey on your desire to work!

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What Should You Do With Your Old Audition Files?

The old adage goes that you should be trying to submit seven to ten auditions a day. But as a voice over artist, what should you do with all those files?

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Looking for an Audiobook Narrator? Here's What To Look For!

As an author looking to publish an audiobook, searching for your narrator may seem like a daunting prospect... But it doesn't have to be!

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Getting Started in Voice Over

Thinking of making the leap into voice over? From equipment to training, here's all the information you need to start your voice over career!

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When Auditioning, Do I Read the Entire Script, or Not?

Voice over frequently has you auditioning for jobs, reading scripts the client provides. But should you read the entire script, or just a part of it?

Voquent Profile Badges - Explained!

Profiles on Voquent automatically give you badges. Here is a list of what badges are available, and how to get them.

Types of Voice Over

Get to know the different types of projects requiring voice overs. Both clients and talent need to be familiar with them.

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Voice Over Tones

Use these terms to provide suitable descriptors for your demos. Clients search on them, so it is in your best interest to provide them!

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Always Be Searching For Your Next Gig

Voice over work is part of the gig economy. You need to create a daily routine to keep looking for your next job if you want to stay busy.