My name is Michael Nagy, and I am a voice over artist, dedicated to VO.

In the spirit of “paying it forward”, these articles are an attempt to ease the way forward for those of you who are just starting out, or even for those more seasoned veterans looking for an alternate way to accomplish something.

Essential Plugins - EQ - compressor - limiter.png
Essential Plugins for Voice Over and Audiobook Narration

When working with voice over and audiobook narration, you do not need many plugins. In fact, only three are considered essential!

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Avoid These Voice Over Profile Mistakes and Get More Leads

As a voice over artist, you will have artist profiles on numerous platforms. Avoid these voice over profile mistakes and get more leads!

Microphone Technique.png
Microphone Technique for Voice Over Talent

Your talent doesn't end at your lips - you need to work the mic to get your best performance recorded with the best quality possible.

No One Dies Today - Dan Gindlesperger - Narrated by Michael Nagy.jpg
Audiobook Release Announcement - "No One Dies Today"

The audiobook 'No One Dies Today: Long Walk Into the Black Hole' by Dan Gindlesperger, narrated by Michael Nagy, has been released on Audible.

ReaEQ - Before Adjustment.png
Equalization for Voice Over and Audiobook Narration

Start your mastering chain off right by removing the low-end mud and taming the high-end sparkle, leaving you with clear, intelligible speech.